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There is a daily increase in web sites dedicated to family history research and information. It is important to be aware of the principles of sound research, in keeping accurate records and be disciplined in recording the sources of the information that you find. Remember that many sites are adding information that has not been verified and that it is wise to follow the links and verify the information with primary source documents where possible for your self.

We have put together a range of websites that is by no means exhaustive but which our members find useful for their research.

We have split the links into sections to make it less cumbersome so it is worth checking all of the areas. Please report any links that are not working so that we can fix or delete them Report Broken Links

Our Library

We have a great resource in our own library of CDs of interest to our member's research.

It is not only data bases

Other resources

Local libraries

West Gippsland local libraries have the library edition of available for free in the library
You can take in your wireless enabled laptop and log in with your membership number and use the resource for free for long periods of time without having to book.

The links for the State library of Victoria, newspapers online and many journals are available to you as a member and can be accessed from your home computer - or anywhere else for that matter.

Google as a research tool

Google is a wonderful tool for looking for genealogical resources.

We have a book in our library worth borrowing - Google Your Family Tree

Books on line

Google your area of interest for background information to put your family history into the social context of the years they were alive and the countries that they lived in. Many out of print books are being added for free download in .PDF format

Open library is one source of interest

Google Books another