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Queensland State Archives

Queensland State Archives

There is a very large list of indexes available with explanations of the files they refer to on this site.
If you can't find your people - look in Queensland as a lot of ships came to Queensland first.
Queensland Other Indexes

Other Indexes
Indigenous Indexes
Equity Files 1857-1895
Instruments of Renunciation 1915-1983
Trustees Files Index 1889-1929
Wills 1857-1930
Boer War Indexes
Divorces 1861-1894
Inquests 1859-1886

Queensland Land Indexes

Index to Register of Lands Sold
Index to Register of Lands 1861-1868
Index to Land Orders 1861-1874
Land Selections prior to 1884
Mineral Leases 1871-1940

Queensland State Archives

Immigration Indexes
Assistant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1884-1907
Assisitant Immigration Agent Maryborough 1875 - 1884
Assisted Immigration 1848-1912
Card Index to Nominated Immigrants 1908-1922
Immigration Index 1922-1940
Index to Land Orders
Passage Certificates Indexes
Passport Register Indexes 1926-1939
Register of Immigrants 1864-1878
Register of Immigrants, Brisbane