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West Gippsland Genealogical Society Local School holdings

School Information transcribed by members of WGGS

  • Our records
  • Schools A-L
  • Schools M-Z

Many of the records are incomplete and some school records are not available as they were destroyed as being of no value!!!. Our members searched out records where ever they could to preserve the information before schools closed and access was not available

  • Athlone Register .
  • Bona Vista Register 1909-1991
  • Buln Buln 1906-1991 Register
  • Bunyip Register
  • Cannibal Creek to Garfield
  • Childers Register 1881-1912
  • Closed Schools - Index
  • Crossover Register
  • Update Darnum Register
  • Drouin East No 2842
  • Pupils' Register Drouin Register
  • Drouin South Register
  • Supplement Drouin West Register No 1417
  • Ellinbank Register
  • Garfield North & Tonimbuk Register
  • Garfield Register
  • Icy Creek Register 1927-1970
  • Iona - On the Edge of the Swamp - 1894 - 1994 by Denise Nest
  • Iona Register 1913-1989 & 1991-1993
  • Jindivick Register No 1951
  • Kooweerup High School- The Tale of the Blackfish 1957-1977
  • Labertouche Register
  • Langview Register
  • Lardner Register
  • Longwarry 100 years 1882-1982
  • Longwarry Register
  • Longwarry North Register
  • Longwarry Register (update) May, 1997
  • Modella Register
  • Modella - A Brief History 1904-1968 by Graham Utber
  • Nayook Primary School No3227 1919-1993 Register
  • Neerim Register
  • Neerim East Register¬†
  • Neerim South Register
  • Nilma North Register:Also supplement to January 1996
  • Nilma Register
  • Poowong East Register 1929-1994
  • Poowong North Register 1922-1993
  • Raymond Island School No 3384
  • Ripplebrook School Register 1906-1989 - Updated 1990-1994
  • Rokeby Register
  • Sagasser's Road (Information from PRO)
  • Seaview Register
  • Shady Creek SS 3458 1903-1993
  • Tetoora Road Register 1915-1973
  • Tonimbuk Register Tynong & Tynong North (Information from PRO)
  • War Service - Ed. Dept's. Record of 1914-1918
  • Warragul - Ever Onward (St Paul's CofE Grammar School)
  • Warragul High 75th Anniversary 1911-1986,1911-1991 80 years on
  • Warragul High School "The School on the Hill 1911-1961"
  • Warragul Primary School "Doing Well"- 1878-1978
  • Warragul Primary Register 1942-1986
  • Warragul Schools - Misc. Info & Index
  • Warragul West ("Call it Warragul West 1889-1989")
  • Warragul West Register
  • Yarragon South (information from PROV)
  • Yarragon Primary School Register

General school research

Vision & Realisation

Vision & Realisation is a set of 3 Volumes (tomes) celebrating the Centenary of State Education in Victoria
We have the full set of these invaluable books in our Library.

There is information about each school - the teachers, the curriculum, salaries, plans of schools, photos, politics and policies - if your family had anything to do with schools these tomes are well worth a browse.

When you are putting your Family History together it is well worth referring to the details about each school in Victoria

PROV & Education

Look for details of the beginnings and workings of your school at the PROV there is some amazing correspondence amongst the records and often in the early years names of family children ages and distance from existing and proposed schools

PROVGuide 56 gives the information you need to start education research at the PROV


Online index of teachers leads you to the microfilm of Teacher records available in the PROV at Nth Melbourne

There are other online databases and indexes available see PROVguide 56